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A More Creative Approach to Teaching Children

A few very famous ways of educating children focus on allowing more creativity instead of the traditionally structured classrooms that are dictated by the pacing set by a teacher or instructor. These systems flip the traditional concept of the classroom on its head. Children engage in learning as a group or on their own as they see fit. They also have a lot of freedom during the day to pursue subjects and projects that they find interesting. The idea behind this is that, given the chance, children will pick up things on their own and end up with a more complete education.

Many of these systems also eliminate or downplay the importance of grades and examinations, too. In effect, this promotes a less competitive environment in which children feel more liberty and security while learning. It also helps students and teachers avoid the “teach-to-the-test” trap that so many educators lament. Beyond academic benefits, many also believe that students attain better social and collaborative skills through methods like this. Of course, systems like this cannot be set up halfheartedly or with the participation of only a few students. The entire place of learning has to agree on the same philosophy of education.