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Big Business Turns to Lifelong Learning

Businesses have started applying alternative education methods to their day-to-day operations. The main motivating factor is getting employees to think more creatively and to look at their own positions and at the organization at large in fresh, new ways. Employees in these environments are granted the freedom to attend workshops and classes during the workday as they see fit.

“Do something because it makes sense, not because some authority figure told you”

Some organizations have started to take a closer look at the needs of each employee so they can direct them to courses that relate more specifically to the particular role of each employee. This increases the likelihood that employees will actually put their new skills or knowledge to use at work in practical ways instead of just learning theory. Also, companies seek to provide on-going training in sync with their overall business model. Often, employees also have a certain amount of time each year to tinker and experiment with their own pet projects. Again, the goal behind this is to foster a creative environment in which workers feel free to innovate in new and less-than-obvious directions. In turn, this spirit of innovation can promote innovation within the company at large, which is a huge advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.